Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing EgoCogito

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has an enormous potential right in the sweet spot of the prospect’s buying process: in the information gathering and decision making phase.

Search Engines

Search Engines have become the primary source of information for the vast majority of people, and they use the web specifically to inform themselves about the products and services they actually intend to buy. The most relevant Search Engines are Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Bing and We are working with all of them and we ensure our clients will be visible in their search-section. As a result, we cover nearly all search inventory all over Europe.

Benefits of SEM

SEM allows you to target the “right” people, i.e. real potential customers, by being visible on the search engines. This helps avoiding both waste – you don’t pay for exposure to the indifferent – and the kind of near-automatic rejection most imposed advertising triggers in today’s consumer.

Who is leading the SEM world?

Search Engine Marketing is as complex as it is beneficial: it takes place in an outstandingly dynamic market place, demands expert knowledge about tools, programmes and prices and is subject to strong seasonality.

SEM Ego Cogito

Ego Cogito is expertly dealing with all these factors on a daily basis and has accumulated experience in more than 30 countries and 15 languages. That is a massive competitive advantage for our clients.

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