Pay Per Click Ads

Compared with traditional advertising and other forms of online marketing advertising, PPC brings a revolution in terms of ROI and performance information just in time.

What should you know about Pay Per Click Ads?

You pay only when your ad is clicked. Pay per click Ads is a form of online advertising where the advertiser (you), only pay for when someone clicks on your ad. PPC ads will show your ads on a search engine results page when a user searches on a specific keyword or term. PPC is a highly effective and non-interruptive way to drive relevant traffic to your website because it was the customers who have already entered the buying cycle. It is possible to measure the performance, and optimizing your campaign, you can achieve high ROI from paid search.

Are Pay Per Click Ads a Short Time Online Strategy?

There are big fans of SEO and big fans of PPC. And when it comes the time for a company to define a long term strategy in terms of Online Marketing spend, there are always SEO agencies that advise PPC can’t be sustainable in the long term. We believe that a smart on line business strategy should be looking at marketing in every channel to ensure they are getting the most of the Market. A combination of Banner ads, PPC, Social Media campaigns, Email Marketing and SEO could be ideal as long as you maintain your profit margins. So definitely Pay Per Click could be a great Long Term strategy if optimized properly.

Is it wise to have PPC Ads on content networks?

There are plenty of self called PPC experts that assure one way or the other that Content network works or doesn’t and that the performance is a specific percentage lower than Search network. Mind PPC experts that tell you it would be like this with your business. Of course the Content network is a big opportunity “to test”. In our experience, the performance of the Content Network changes across different industries, countries and languages. Sometimes the ROI is much better than in the Search Network, so definitely when starts with Pay Per Click Ads, please consider running campaigns on the Content network.