Pay Per Click Advertising

Choosing a PPC Advertising company

1+1= 3 if (You + PPC Advertising Company work together)

In Order to get the Best results with SEM, there are a few basic skills required : pick the right keywords, optimize bids to achieve desired business outcomes, create adequate landing pages that drive conversions, and use TESTING and measurement to continuously improve your process. However, the best results will come from having your PPC Advertising managed by specialist and you.

Ego Cogito Pricing structures and rates

There are several Pricing Models on the market. We believe Percentage Ad Spend with a min cap and a max cap offers the best pricing model for PPC management. Client pays agency a monthly management fee calculated as a percentage of ad spend. A monthly minimum fee cap is agreed to protect the agency if the ad spend is very small, and a monthly maximum fee cap is set to protect the client if the ad spend is very large.
Of Course, You should not Buy PPC Advertising Services By Price Alone. Agency fees are clearly not the most important most important thing of picking an agency. What matters far more is performance. Compared to an average agency, a great agency can often duplicate sales, just by building and managing better campaigns.

Five Stars Experience on Google Adwords Optimization

Most of the experience of Ego Cogito PPC was adquired in Goadvertising, one of the biggest agencies in terms of Google Adwords spend in Europe, when some of our Team members managed large accounts on Google Paid Traffic for different countries and a great range of products and services.