Web Site Monetization

Do your online properties perform according to their objectives? Better or worse than your competition?

Is your return on investment satisfactory?
Are your conversion rates excellent?
Are your users as cost-effective as they could be?
Are you able to measure all key performance indicators? Do you know which are the important ones?
Are the design and contents up-to-date and appropriate?
Are your online tools supporting your offline operations?

Would you like to get the best of your website and your Marketing activities?

Although it is universally recognized that online marketing is measurable and therefore more controllable than any other type of marketing, surprisingly, most commercial online activities are not as well monitored as they could be. The result? Millions of lost sales, and far too little information.

The core of Ego Cogito’ business is about performance through scrupulous analysis and consistent investigation of all key performance indicators.

Cost of user acquisition, reach, geographical and temporal patterns, etc… all relevant metrics are tracked from initial user contact with your marketing campaigns or your website to your revenues.

With this sort of global approach we will help you obtain monetization improvements as well as colossal savings!